Hurt Me feat. Doe Cigapom


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I can’t stop lovin how you hurt me, oooh whooo (oooh whooo)
You don’t even know how much you hurt me, oooh whooo (oooh whooo)

I can’t stop lovin how you hurt me, oooh whooo (oooh whooo)
You don’t even know how much you hurt me, oooh whooo (ooh whooo)

Verse 1
People call me crazy cause they can’t see
That I like just how you keep hurtin me
No unexpected when we are together
I can count on you just like I count on the weather

The story gets told but the story’s often mistold, little girl
Tried to handle life’s ills on her own, cold fucking world
Never taught tribulation was something that a girl could handle
Went in search of a young man but he dismantled
Her confidence, the consequence
Lost her sense but not all of it
Fiend for love, never loved
Saw his hate but called it love
Love is blind or is it free
Pay the price then you tell me
A mystery, never solved
My pain to keep, curtain call


Verse 2
You like to call me out my name
But I still answer just the same
Making love with you is like a game
With never no prize for me to claim

But wait hold on, wait a minute
Brotha man stay tryin to get up in it
Disrespecting me redirecting me
Even though I never finished
My conscious says go but my ego says stay
I’m hearing, I’m fearing so much
I’m decayed
Don’t wanna be lonely no mo, Nemo
I’m in search of something that can make -- he makes me feel
Addicted, my interests conflicted
The pain self inflicted
That Ri Ri and Chris shit


Verse 3 (Doe Cigapom)
Never knew so much about love, til the day I really met you
Babe you was my motivation,
Kelly Rowland couldn’t separate them/
Gave you all those promises, I lied to you know your conscious is
Looking at me as a disrespectful nigga,
now you thinking you wanting out of it/
But I’m sorry that I even lied,
all those tears that I made you cry/
Come think about about it I was just a trifling brother,
I ain’t even have to pride/
To come and tell you how it is, keep 100 –
even when we loving, even when we fighting,/
Even when we cussin,even when we huggin,
no more interruptions, this is what I’m wanting,/
and that’s you The hell what my homies say,
Im gon sit here and tell the truth, I’m gon love you anyway/
In this cold world, you gon be my girl,
I’m gon be your baby, you gon be my world/
I’m sorry for the things I’ve done to you,
I love you baby - I would never run from you/



released April 22, 2014
HURT ME feat. Doe Cigapom
Written (lyrics and melody) by Tiffany Okafor for Cole Sole Music (BMI)
Produced by Steve Kupillas and Maltar Music
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Steve Kupillas


all rights reserved



T Nicole Los Angeles, California

Formerly "T Nicole"

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